Emergency Maintenance Services - (716) 609-1686

When to call for Emergency Maintenance help:

The following items qualify as a reason to call the emergency maintenance phone. If you experience an emergency where police, fire, or EMS services are needed please contact them BEFORE contacting Greenleaf. All health and safety issues need to be addressed immediately as do the items in the list below. If your maintenance issue is a minor issue and is not listed below, please call the office and leave a detailed message so a work order can be put in for maintenance to come out at a later time. Maintenance requests can also be submitted online through our website.

Call for heating: Daytime outdoor temperature is below 55* and the heat is not working.

Call for electrical: No electricity to the entire building. No electricity to refrigerator. No electricity to more than 50% of the apartment (if you have access to the electrical panel, please check the breaker prior to calling maintenance).

Call for plumbing: Clogged toilet (if plunging toilet does not resolve issue, call emergency maintenance). If a pipe or supply line is frozen or burst. If a sewer backs-up.

Call for running water / active leak: Water leaking from a ceiling or wall. Unable to turn off a faucet or fixture. Tenants experiencing a slow leak that can be contained in a bucket should do so and contact the office to have the issue addressed the next day.

Call for windows & doors: Broken/unsecure door or lock. Broken first floor window or broken window during heating season.


Lock-outs: Greenleaf maintenance will respond to calls for lock-outs up until 10:00 PM. Between the hours of 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM, call the office for a lock-out situation. After 5:00 PM, call the Emergency Maintenance Line. There is a charge of $45.00 for a lock-out. If it is past 10:00 PM, tenant needs to call a locksmith who will bill the tenant directly. Tenants requesting entry to a building/unit MUST show proof of residency to the emergency maintenance staff. This includes, but is not limited to - Photo ID with address or a bill to the tenant at that residence. If proof of residency is not established, caller will not be granted access to the unit.

Parking issues: If a car is parked on-site or in your parking space and it does not have a Greenleaf Issued parking sticker, it should be removed. Please call emergency maintenance and provide the make, model, and color of the vehicle as well as where it is parked. We will then contact our towing company to have the car removed at the owner's expense. Tenants should not call the towing company for the removal of a vehicle.



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